Clouds again.

My Truth

I held my truth, written in verses crisp and clear. I worked on them, writing it out perfectly. The words were clear. I was concise. My message complete and legible.   When I was younger, my mother used to chide me on my penmanship. My teachers hounded me relentlessly for having messy handwriting. My friends

Flag of the USA

Light up the World

There was an attack last night. I don’t know who perpetrated the attack. I don’t know how many people were involved. I do not know the extent or existence of a network involved with this attack. I do not know the total number dead. I do not know the total number injured. There’s a lot


A Book Report

I wrote a book report a few years ago on a book entitled “American Crisis”. I figured I’d share it here for giggles. Enjoy. From the early days of elementary school, kids are often taught of the infallible George Washington. George Washington, the father of our country and the hero of the United States. Children

A Moment For Goodbye

A Moment for Goodbye

And there it was: The future wasn’t some far off place of never-knowing and endless dreams. It was here. It was now. It was two seconds ago. It was last week. Last month. Last year. It was the moment you were given, without another promised. It was everything, and it was nothing.   It was

Birthday Bird

Another day

HUMAN BEINGS MAKE LIFE SO INTERESTING. DO YOU KNOW, THAT IN A UNIVERSE SO FULL OF WONDERS, THEY HAVE MANAGED TO INVENT BOREDOM. (Death) ~Terry Pratchett, Hogfather I wanted to write about Birthdays today. I’ve been wanting to for just about the past two weeks. The thing is, I can’t think of what to write. I

Willis Tower

Resident Evil – Escape Room

For my Birthday, Elgin and I were sent to an Escape Room in Chicago. It was based on the Resident Evil Franchise, and was a recreation of the escape room that was done at a convention for the release of Resident Evil 7. All in all, it was a good experience, and I maintain my


The Drydak

A few months ago, I posted an article about Drydak Mushrooms. It was a response prompt to a post over at /r/dnd. Since then, I’ve been brewing on the idea some more, and finally came up with a 5th edition creature responsible for the mushrooms. The creature is called the Drydak, and you can download


A Field Seen From Afar

The mouse ran up the hill, and dipped into the dark pool of water found there. He swam, slowly at first, as though he were afraid. As he swam, his speed increased and he was soon in the middle of the dark water, almost far enough out that he lost sight of the shore.

The Underdark Cavern

Horrors in the Dark

The Winding Path Our party discovered, upon leaving the tomb, that their companions seemed to split into two different groups. One group seemed to retrace their steps, heading back towards the more well-traveled portion of the Underdark. The other group headed deeper along the path. After a brief discussion, Ku lead the party, with Dave