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“Light Stalking” and other misnomers.

You may, or may not be aware of the online piece recently written for the Guardian by Kathleen Hale. As a precursor to what I’m about to write, Kathleen seems like a generally cool person that I wouldn’t mind hanging out with. She is clearly a clever person, with a lot of talent, and an


G.A.M.E. Panel Notes – Player Retention

Originally I was going to publish my notes with some annotations, but as I started going through fleshing them out a bit, I discovered a well of information that I wanted to get across. So. Here are my notes, typed out like I used them during the panel. I’ll have more details on what I’ll


Meeting RA Salvatore

So, on Thursday Night, I got to meet RA Salvatore. Here’s a link to his site, if you want to learn a little more about him. When I was 12 years old, the books I had read the most were Animorphs. I loved’em more than anything. I read those, and the Chrestomanci stories, (There were