Monthly Archives: January 2016

An Alternate Reality Game

A few months ago I moved to New York, and my life stopped being normal. I stopped playing games with friends. I stopped seeing familiar faces. I stopped hearing familiar sounds. I became a hermit. But I had an idea for an alternate reality game that I thought I would try playing with my friends.


Productive Days

So, this morning I woke up in an okay mood. I had a little difficulty sleeping last night; I went to bed around 8, dozed for a few hours, woke up around 10:30 and couldn’t quite get back to sleep immediately. Eventually I did, though, and slept through to 7AM. So I am well rested


A month has gone by

It has been a month, to the day, since I last updated this blog. In that time period, a lot has happened, but none of it necessarily noteworthy enough to gain its own Blog Post. So here’s a December Wrap-Up, and a January Kick-off. Jenn:¬†You write things. You write things all the time. Since my