Monthly Archives: May 2017

My Truth

I held my truth, written in verses crisp and clear. I worked on them, writing it out perfectly. The words were clear. I was concise. My message complete and legible.   When I was younger, my mother used to chide me on my penmanship. My teachers hounded me relentlessly for having messy handwriting. My friends


Light up the World

There was an attack last night. I don’t know who perpetrated the attack. I don’t know how many people were involved. I do not know the extent or existence of a network involved with this attack. I do not know the total number dead. I do not know the total number injured. There’s a lot


A Book Report

I wrote a book report a few years ago on a book entitled “American Crisis”. I figured I’d share it here for giggles. Enjoy. From the early days of elementary school, kids are often taught of the infallible George Washington. George Washington, the father of our country and the hero of the United States. Children