Hello? Is someone there?

Wet The party escaped from the deep hole with Glabbagool following slowly behind them. Soggy, wet, they set up a temporary camp in the tunnel before moving forward. Ku, the adventurous spirit that he is, decided that he was going to scout out ahead of the party. Unfortunately, he was not prepared for what lay in


Braving the Underdark

The Unknown Our adventurers set out from Velkynvelve with a speed born of fear. They pushed themselves to their limits, only stopping long enough to rest. After what seemed like days, they were beginning to run low on supplies – food was getting scarce, with Dierdre and Eldeth only finding scraps of food that would be


A Peaceful Transition

To many people around the world right now, this election’s results were horrifying. The rug was ripped out from beneath their feet. They feel like they are in free fall. They feel like the world doesn’t make sense, and they don’t know what to do. If you’re one of these people, like I was this

Election Day

Vote Today

I won’t lie to you. I care about who you vote for. I don’t like Donald Trump, and I can’t find a cohesive reason to not vote for Hillary Clinton. I’ve read about her lies, (every person lies; not overly concerned about whether or not she has a few times) Her E-Mail server, (I’m not

The Underdark

Trapped in the Dark

The Underdark is a strange, mysterious, and dangerous place. There are dangers and wonders found there that would mystify and enchant even the most worldly traveler from the world above. Our Party As a Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut, Anadar is determined to bring the light of the Platinum Dragon to the darkest depths of the

Lazy Lion

My friends don’t need me anymore.

New York was an interesting experience for me. It made me realize everything that I could do on my own, and also just how much I loved my friends and Family. The decision to move back to Missouri and search for a job while here was easy to make – and I haven’t had cause


How to Build your world – Part One

A lot of DM’s struggle with world building, and I don’t blame’em. It ain’t easy trying to keep track of some of these things: NPCs Town Names Monster Locations Politics Kingdoms Days/Nights/Moons History Religions Magic It’s enough to give anyone a headache. Factor in that your players are probably only going to explore 1/10th of


Awaken the Dead God

This post was inspired by a post over in the D&D subreddit. You can have a link here. The basis of the question is this: How does your Big Bad Evil Guy wake up a dead god? There are a few parts to figuring out how you want this to go down for your players.


My Best Friend’s Wedding Ceremony

Dearly beloved, Wait. Wait. Hold on a second. We’re missing someone. Let’s see. We’ve got the bride, the groom’s here, best man/Minister, couple’a beautiful bridesmaids, some scraggly lookin’ groomsmen… A pretty little flower girl, but… Where are the rings? Didn’t we hire a ring bear for this? David! Where’s the ring bear? Phew. Ahem. Dearly


I ran away from home once.

I wrote this up July 6, 2012, but I thought I would share it here too. I ran away once. It was my baby sitter’s home. She was this mean woman who took care of me and my sister along with her kids. The youngest, (my age) was named Benny and he used to wet