1782 days

It has been 1782 days since a person I barely new died. I read a blog post this morning that said, “Welcome to the Dead Dad’s club.” It said something about someday, we all become members. I thought, flippantly, “Hah, not me.” Each passing day I think more and more about how my actions, thoughts,


Dreams from Last Night

I pulled the car into a parking spot and turned off the ignition. Steve and Kally climbed out of the back and walked off along the shopping mall strip in front of us. I glanced to my left, and saw a truck loading-and-unloading lane, and saw cracks in the foundation of the wall. I imagined,


A Few Generations Apart

My Grandfather fascinates me. I think that’s true for most Grandchildren, though. I know I’m not unique in that when my grandfather starts to tell a story about his life, I sit enraptured listening to it even if I’ve heard the story a dozen times. His stories aren’t about the War, or about being part