My friends don’t need me anymore.

New York was an interesting experience for me. It made me realize everything that I could do on my own, and also just how much I loved my friends and Family. The decision to move back to Missouri and search for a job while here was easy to make – and I haven’t had cause


A bridged gap

It started Wednesday afternoon, with a photo of four people standing outside an apartment building. Smiling faces, huddled together for a selfie. It launched a 2400 mile trip that spans 5 days, culminating after 1200 miles and a visit with a friend unseen since Christmas. An early birthday present, combined with a miniature vacation. The


Good memories

I was writing up a post about a piece of software that I’m working on right now, but threw it away because it belongs on my other blog, and shouldn’t be written until I’ve finished the project. So I trashed it, and then Godsmack’s newest album, 1000HP, started to play over Spotify. I went to