Another day

HUMAN BEINGS MAKE LIFE SO INTERESTING. DO YOU KNOW, THAT IN A UNIVERSE SO FULL OF WONDERS, THEY HAVE MANAGED TO INVENT BOREDOM. (Death) ~Terry Pratchett, Hogfather I wanted to write about Birthdays today. I’ve been wanting to for just about the past two weeks.┬áThe thing is, I can’t think of what to write. I


A lot has happened

In June I drove back to Missouri for a week. I was officiating my best friend’s wedding, picking up my mother and Girlfriend, and in general just trying to reconnect with people I used to see daily. It left me very homesick. When I got back to New York, it didn’t take long before I


A small town lives

So, I saw a thing asking about how to bring a small village to life. I’m going to assume this is a village near a forest, but with some arable land nearby. With that in mind, here are a few things a village needs to have in order to survive: Food Waste Disposal Water Relaxation/Recreation