1782 days

It has been 1782 days since a person I barely new died. I read a blog post this morning that said, “Welcome to the Dead Dad’s club.” It said something about someday, we all become members. I thought, flippantly, “Hah, not me.” Each passing day I think more and more about how my actions, thoughts,


What was your worst childhood memory?

I did a casual Ask Me Anything on Reddit when I was asked about my worst childhood memory. I couldn’t help tearing up while writing my response. I thought I’d share it here. When my great grandmother died when I was 11. Actually a few days before that. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease and couldn’t


Rockaway Beach Trip – Part 1

This is going to be a series of posts; I’m not sure how much I can get written at any given time, but I’ll try to make each piece a complete story before I move on to the next one. Thanks for reading.   I went for a drive today to visit the place where