NodeJS tutorial – MongoDB driven Employee Database

This is a simplistic database-driven employee website. It does not, at all, have all of the functions a real employee database would. Nor is the database well designed for actual use. This is just designed to show the CRUD functions that you can use with MongoDB and NodeJS. (CRUD: Create, Read, Update, Delete) Disclaimer: I


Employee Website – a NodeJS example

This is going to build off of the last tutorial. If you haven’t gone through it, you’ll need to – the MongoDB portions are referenced in this tutorial. Alright, so, let’s get started. There are several files that we need to have, and two sub-folders that we’re going to put them in. But first, you


RESTful people – NodeJS and MongoDB

Today, I wanted to go through the process of creating a simple API that gets data from a MongoDB using NodeJS. We’re going to use the default Mongo driver to do this. (Most use Mongoose; it is a bit easier to work with according to the internet.) We are also going to use Assert and